Camping is Trendy Again



With the re-discovering of camping, we have dusted off the memories of our scouting days again. We can experience sleeping under the starry sky, accommodation in a tent, in a motorhome, or in an exotic reed dwelling or tipi. We can experience cooking on a gas stove or over an open fire. There are also many other activities related to camping like fishing, singing songs, playing games etc. Some of us are already camping specialists such as glamping campers, tent campers, backpacking campers, survivalist campers, canoe campers, RV and van campers, etc. What about you and the idea of camping? Do you have any memories, adventures, guides, or advice taken on photos that would enrich the FrstHand community?

  Contest Closes: Sep 23, 2023

  Entry Type: Single

  Contest Open To: Worldwide


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